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by   Dolmen Group

Data: 2019-08-20
Luogo: Inghilterra

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Go Developer UK

A skilled Go Developer is required to help build an application front-end client that serves thousands of clients every second via a dockerised cloud service. The team uses Test Driven development, pair programming and code reviews to deliver a high quality, extendible and robust client to serve the business needs.

Golang (1.12.5) - Experience in building/writing Go applications. This also includes the softer skills of pair programming / test driven development, which is the way we work. Essential
Terraform infrastructure - Existing knowledge of infrastructure, infrastructure as code or Terraform would be great, especially as this is essential for most of mobile farm (including r10 client infradev). Very useful to have
Linux - bash scripting, general knowledge for using Unix based systems (easy to pick up bash scripting if you have programming knowledge). very useful to have.
Cloud architecture knowledge - We deploy the R10 Client (EPoS platform from NCR – Retalix) as a docker container on AWS via ECS, having knowledge of how those systems work or cloud in general is useful. Nice to have
Ansible - A bit of ansible is used for a jumpbox server, not much though, might be made obsolete by packer. Nice to have
Logging systems (ELK) and Alerting - having experience with logging systems and alerting is useful, the client has a solid setup right now but more help on alerting and management would be great. We also use New Relic as a SAAS monitoring/reporting solution, so any knowledge on that would be good as well useful to have
Soft skills:
Self-learning - Being able to pick up skills is essential here, though the team is very good and everyone is able to help out or teach on short notice, having the drive/passion to be able to want to learn how to do things lets you become well rounded which helps deliver the DevOps/agile way of working
On call availability - Though a new joiner would not be expected to be on call immediately, it might be something that happens later on as the team support a production system, something to think about

Completano il profilo: propensione alle relazioni umane ed al contatto con il cliente, capacità di lavoro in team, forte commitment ed orientamento al risultato, flessibilità, entusiasmo nell´affrontare nuove sfide e forma mentis per acquisire nuove competenze.
Gli interessati possono inviare il proprio curriculum vitae in formato word, spiegando accuratamente i ruoli ricoperti e le tecnologie utilizzate e specificando l´attuale inquadramento, retribuzione e disponibilità, completi di autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati personali e sensibili. 

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